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Quotes from Management with Hundreds of
Bar Staff Employees

"Ingenious Invention, I told our entire management staff to purchase your products. Our employees are very thankful for Speed Guard."
Dave - District Manager
Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, Mai Tai Bars & Rusty Pelican Restaurants

 "All my bartenders just love them, we can’t believe we worked this long without them. Great invention!"
Brandon - Bar Manager
Bahama Breeze Restaurants

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SpeedGuard™, Made in America

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What Bartenders use for Protection sm

                                        Van de Sande Industries, Inc.

Speed Guard™  covers
Hard-Cold Stainless Steel 
Rails & Corners behind the Bar
  Speed Guard™ products fit
every Speed Rack Rail for your 
Safety and Comfort
  Bartenders who know the
Speed Guard™ difference 
while working
Here are a few of the thousands of Bartenders, Managers and Owners who's work environments are happier, more comfortable and safer due to SpeedGuard™ products. SpeedGuard™ certainly offers an improvement to the Bar, Nightclub & Restaurant industry as well as other industries and beyond. 

Ride the Rails with Comfort.


Hooters of America Restaurants & Bars 

"At Hooters, we see safety and comfort as a number one priority for our employees. SpeedGuard helps us keep that goal for our valuable staff."
Kate - Vice President of Operations  

Boyd Gaming Casinos & Resorts 

"With SpeedGuard in place, if I keep just one employee from going on disability, the product has more than paid for itself."
Richard - Director of Food & Beverage  

Bahama Breeze Restaurants  
"All my bartenders just love them, we can’t believe we worked this long without them. 
Great invention!"

Brandon - Bar Manager 


 Bubba Gump Shrimp Company Restaurants & Mai Tai Bars
"Ingenious Invention, I told our entire management staff to purchase your products. 
Our employees are very thankful for Speed Guard."

Dave - District Manager 

Fallsview Casino Niagara Resort  
We just opened our new resort, incorporating Speed Guard into our opening costs was perfect for our business and an excellent benefit for the Bartenders.
Jeff - Purchasing Manager  


Hooters Restaurants & Bars 

"The SpeedGuards are Fantastic! My girls love them."
Brian - General Manager  

Chili's Bar & Grill 

"Our staff is very happy with the addition of SpeedGuard to cover the speedrails."
Josh - General Manager 

Scott's Seafood Grill & Bar 
"It's the best! The ability to lean into the bar 
with comfort really helps to save my hamstrings."

Relay Worldwide Marketing  
A product with two-fold marketing, an added benefit given to the bartenders, 
to say thank you for supporting our products; 
as well a product with event and long term marketing appeal." 
Jenn - Marketing Agent    



Restaurant Twenty Four 
"I couldn't wait to get these items in for my staff. 
Great product, my bartenders love the comfort."

Cheryl  -  Manager 

Hilton Resorts & Casinos 
"Our staff is very pleased with your products, as management we view as a win-win, if our staff is happy then our customers are even happier. 
Plus the corporation saves on workman's compensation claims. "

Eric  - Regional Director 

"I had a build up fluid in my knee from leaning against the speed racks, as a result I needed to have a drainage of the knee operation. Very painful. SpeedGuard  has prolonged my bartending days with many  years of comfort. Excellent product! Thank you." 

Harry's Bar 
"My knee cap had been dislodged from it's normal setting due to leaning against angled speed racks behind our bar. I was out of work for nearly two months for the operation. Speed Guard products were brought to my attention by a bartender friend, I can tell you, 
I wish I'd had this product in the first place. Incredible product! "


The Matrix Nightclub 
"We have the double tier speed racks throughout the Bar. My Bartender are further from the Bar top and the rails are sequentially at knee to shin level, the Bartenders love Speed Guard, by far the best solution for a problem area."
Adam - General Manager    

Le Bistrot Restaurant 
"Great idea, this product will save on workman's compensation."
George - Owner


"The time has come to comfort an aging profession. Great product."
Ron - Bar Manager  


Balboa Cafe Bar & Restaurant 

"Great idea, with the comfort I feel less worked by the end of the night."

Dine Restaurant  
"With this comfort, my knees are saved. Great product!" 
Josh - Bar Manager 


Baja Cantina 
"I don't get those nasty bruises anymore." 

Eastside West Raw Bar  
My employees are in love with this product!"
Michael - Owner  


Lapis Restaurant  
"My Bartenders think I'm a god, for purchasing Speed Guard!" 
Matthew - General Manager 


Acme Chophouse at Pacific Bell Ball Park 
"It's a great feeling! It gives your knees a break against the hard stainless steel." 

Jimmy O's  
I can't believe it! We've been dealing with the uncomfortable rails for years. 
Fantastic product!"
Billy - General Manager  


Radisson Hotels 
"Our bartenders are really happy with your Speed Guard products." 
Rodolfo - Beverage Manager 

Rex Cafe  


Rock Valley Tool  
We have three shifts working around clock on our milling machinery, 
Speed Guard offers welcomed comfort to our employees in their work station." 
Webster - Purchasing Manager    



Plumpjack Restaurant Group 

"With back and hamstring problems at our restaurants, 
the support received with Speed Guard in place helps eliminate 
our Bartenders pain when leaning into the Bar."

Tim - President  

Hyatt Hotels  
We had some very poorly designed areas behind our Bars, 
Speed Guard cured our problem areas."
Crawford - Director of Food & Beverage 

TGI Fridays 
"At Fridays we have flair performing bartenders. 
With items and personal flying around behind the Bar all night along, 
your products not only save bartender's legs but also liquor bottle breakage"

Mark - General  Manager 

Molly McGuire's  
We have a very busy bar, we really like the feeling of padded speed rails and corners. Speed Guard products are great!" 
Matthew - Owner