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SpeedGuard™ 'Pro' Rail Guard

By Rob Husted



                                                                                             When I first heard about this product I was a skeptic.

                                                                                              Then I met David Emmons at the Nightclub and Bar                                                                                                      Show in Orlando, FL. He talked with me about his                                                                                                          product's importance in our industry and how I should                                                                                                  try one out and see what I thought.


About a month later a package arrived at Club Safari addressed to me. I opened it up and to my surprise it was a SpeedGuard Professional rail guard. Now I had no excuse but to try it out.

At the end of the night I installed it behind my bar, which takes just seconds. The next night I came to work and forgot about the SpeedGuard rail guard. I leaned over my well to make my first drink and Whhhooaaaa! That felt nice. Kind of like when you first put your head on your pillow to go to sleep. I immediately leaned into it again to feel how soft it was on my shins. I can't believe that in my ten years of Bartending I didn't get these earlier to protect my Knees & shins from all those years of abuse

After that night I was convinced. This is what David Emmons has to say about his product: "SpeedGuard Products eliminate the discomfort associated with crashing into and leaning against the hard-cold stainless steel corners and rails behind the bar while bartenders prepare and serve drinks to customers. Our products have an added value, protection against liquor bottle breakage. We carry a wide range of patented products to fit every application."

You can pick up some relief for your shins from our friends at You'll wonder why you went so long without them.

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